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Rave Party Flashing RGB LED Light Up Gloves

Our Flashing RGB LED Light Up Gloves can be with single color light or multi-color light, which is perfect for Halloween costume, festival Rave Party or concerts etc.
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    LED Gloves
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    Shenzhen China
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Rave Party Flashing RGB LED Light Up Gloves 

Product Specification: 

Product Dimensions:  22-23cm

Item Weight: 0.19 pounds

Material: nylon

Battery: 2*CR2032(included) + extra 5 battery

Battery life: over 40Hs LED GLOVES

Size type: Media or Small, 2 types

Packing way: 1pair gloves (2 battery) + 5 extra batter, totally pack into opp bag

Manufacturer: Smacarte 

Basic introduction:

*High-quality LED gloves: design, breathable, static-free white cotton, these gloves are comfiest supplements to your Halloween costumes


*Width 19.05 cm Purpose: To scare children into the coolest customization on Halloween, or make your jazz pointer parties, discos, concerts, and other such products.


*Hidden switch, gloves inside, battery protection: The battery can be easily changed and get rid of the unsightliness, which will affect your clothing style.


1. How to use: Press the on/off button to turn it on. You can see the colorful flashing LED lights, and then press again, the mode will continue to light up in 5 colors. You can keep pressing the button to change the color.

2. When the old battery is low, replace the new battery.

Tips: Do not wash or soak in water.

More Advantages: 

Very suitable for dressing up accessories, Halloween lights, Christmas gifts, dancing costumes, children's games, school activities. Concerts, raves, clubs, hip-hop, etc.

It can also be used as an opening topic tool at your next gathering.

LED Gloves for children

Led Light Gloves

Led Flashing Gloves

Led Flashlight Gloves


Q1: Are you factory or trading company?  Where are your company located?
A:We are a factory specialized in SIM card,contact/contactless smart cards,ID card, RFID card,consumer products,Outdoor products like led gloves etc since 2007 in Shenzhen China.

Q2: How can I get the sample from your factory? What is the lead time?  
 A: The standard sample is not for free,but will be sent to you within 1-2 days. 

Q3:  What`s the shipping way?
 A: Mostly by international express like DHL,UPS,Fedex,TNT. And if for order over 100kgs,we suggest to ship by air, and for container order we shall ship by sea,all based on customer`s requirement

 If you find our Led Light Gloves interested or any inquiry, please contact us freely

(Email:   whatsapp:+86-18002561761 ).

We believe we shall have great business cooperation in coming future.

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