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Blu Drive II sim card programmer

Blu Drive ii sim card programmer is mainly to burn/program a blank sim card like GSM/WCDMA/LTE/NFC/2.5G Sim card.
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Blu Drive ii sim card programmer


Smart Card interface

Compatible with ISO7816 and Emv 2000

Supported protocols of T = 0, T = 1.1²C, 2-WIRE, 3-WIRE, sle4442, sle4428

High performance of smart card interface (up to 420 Kbps when supported by card)

Smart card clock rate of 4.8, 16mhz

· Supports 5 in, 3 and 1.8 in smart card

Power supply current 60 mA to power the smart card

Motion detection smart card with auto power-off function

· Automatic detection of type smart cards

· Short circuit and thermal protection

8 pin switch (C4 / C8 supported)

· Durability 200,000 cycles

 blu drive ii

Operating systems

· Windows 98SE, ME, 2 k, XP32bits XP64bits, Vista 32 BIT, vISTA 64 bit, win CE4.2/5.0

· Linux Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, Redhat

· Mac OS × 10. 3. ×× / 10.4 ××

· Solaris



Microsoft WHQL certified

· ISO7816, EMV2000 L1


· FCC Classe B


Host interface

· USB 2.0

Full 12 Mbps speed

· Bus-powered

Cable length 160 cm


How to use the SIM Card program:

1, connect the player to the computer, it will intall the driver.

 Blu drive 2 programmer


2, then you can use to read or write the cards

 Sim card programmer

 Advantage of the product

Secure identification and Digital Signature
Secure identification of the end user and secure transmission data need smart cards of different security levels. Bludrive II handles everything from memory cards to the most advanced asymmetrical smart cards to digital signatures within a PKI environment


Cost Efficiency
Bludrive II is a cost-efficient smart card reader for applications such as Secure Identification (eID card), Internet Banking / Shopping, Access Control, Electronic Cargo Bag etc. minimal need for support due to full Microsoft Upgrade compatibility encures a low cost sysle lifetime.


Bludrive II is very small, thin and light, needing almost no desk space at all. Rubber feet for a secure grip.


High quality at competitive prices
All products are manufactured under strict quality control by our Italian Quality department. Through our partners in China with manufacturing facilities in China, we are able to offer high quality products at very competitive prices.


Easy to install
Bluedrive II is easy to install. Just connect the USB cable to your computer. Bludrive II has also been aoorived by Microsoft Windows Hardware Labs which means the necessary drivers are supported by Windows Update and available through Windows for 2000 / ME and XP. The USB port provides Bludrive II with enough power to read / write all types of smart cards.



*SIM Card Reader Writer Software (2G/3G/4G sim cards compatible) as below:

*100% Match the BludriveII SIM Card Reader Writer

*If you haven't the sim card software as below,you can buy it from us 

*At the same time tell you how to install the software and how to read write the data of the sim cards used with the SIM Card Software!


 Sim programmer

Our Certificates:

 Blu Drive ii sim card programmer

Contact us:

 If you find our sim cards interested or any inquiry, please contact us freely(Email: ).We believe we shall have great business cooperation in coming future.

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Our Bludrive ii smart card reader is mainly to burn/program a blank sim card like GSM/WCDMA/LTE/NFC/2.5G Sim card,it is also a usb smart card reader.

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