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What is the RFID animal reader?

What is the RFID animal reader?

Aug 18, 2020
RFID animal reader

RFID readers, also known as radio frequency identification readers are becoming more common place in the agricultural sector.  The RFID reader allows information to be captured from devices that have imbedded electronic information.  In the livestock industry such technology is available in the form of RFID ear tags and microchips.  Due to traceability programs, and an increased pressure to keep accurate and updated health records producers need to become more familiar with and adopt RFID reader technology into their operations.

RFID readers themselves come in many different models, shapes, sizes and price tags.  Here we make RFID readers available to the industry.  The readers offered have been tested in the field and offer different advantages and are targeted for different types of customers with very different needs.

Item A01

Size: 173×83×27mm(Length 45-120cm )

Frequency:134.2KHz and 125Khz

Protocol:FDX ,ISO 11784/85

Power:3.7V 5500mA Li battery

Interface :USB 2.0 and Bluetooth

Reading distance:28cm-30cm

Item A02

Size: 282*146*50mm

Frequency:134.2KHz and 125KHz

Protocol:FDX ,ISO 11784/85

Power: 3.7V   5 AA battery

Interface :USB 2.0 and Bluetooth

Reading distance:10cm-20cm

Besides these RFID reader, we have other frequency readers and related RFID tags,RFID fabrics,wristbands,RFID Cards,Sim cards, PVC cards etc, if you have any requirements on such items, welcome to send your inquiry to us any time:


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