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What is the Best GaN Chargers in the Chinese Market to Buy Now?

What is the Best GaN Chargers in the Chinese Market to Buy Now?

Nov 02, 2020

Recently,more and more people are curious about the new noun which looks unfamiliar to most group: GaN Charger.

To put it more seriously, it is a GaN Charger, using gallium nitride as a semiconductor,which is able to produce chips for electronics. GaN itself is a transparent crystalline material, which, in its early stage, has been used frequently in LEDs production since it's capable of producing violet laser diodes. So, why is GaN now used in the field of chargers?

GaN fast Charger

Simply speaking, a charger applies a current to a battery in an attempt to reverse a chemical reaction inside each one while gallium nitride is so capable of delivering high quantities of power to devices. So it is obvious that using gallium nitride in a charger does benefit you in some ways, like it does a better job preventing overcharging to safeguard the battery, on the other hand, it delivers a fast charging and a large amount of power while staying a compact size itself. All this just meets the needs of a practical and high-performance charger nowadays.

GaN fast Charger

The Best GaN USB C chargers on the MarketGialer Fast GaN Charger.

It has so many advantages such as:

1. 3USB charging ports

2. Lightweight charger fits into pocket and bag

3. Drop-protection,scratch resistant,smudge-proof

4. Most importantly to compatiable with almost all electronic devices:cellphones+tablets+MP3/4/5 players+digital camera+power bank etc.

Gialer charger

65w gan fast charger

Here below we are going to show you its basic art ID picture with two colors: WHITE+BLACK.

white blank charger

It is well tested to work brilliantly and proved to be well worth the price.

If you find this 65w gan fast charger interested and want to learn more details, welcome to contact us via:


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