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What is Recommended Stress-Relieving Toys for All Ages?

What is Recommended Stress-Relieving Toys for All Ages?

Apr 09, 2021

Faced with the fast pace of life, people of all ages suffer from different pressures.So how should we relieve the pressure, unpack the pressure toy is a good choice.The latest popular Gialer Stick Ball is a good choice.

For stressed families and depressed teens, a stress ball is an ideal tool to release stress.It is an interesting toy for children.Whether you are a child or an adult, the ball is designed for people who enjoy baseball or throwing.

Gialer stress release ball is made of high-quality wear-resistant thermoplastic rubber material, food-grade TPR material, good wear resistance, elasticity, high tear resistance and durable, It can be squeezed, and the soft feel is particularly comfortable. Relieve stress and hand flexibility.

What's so special about this magic ball? Let's talk about it.

1.It can glow in the dark. Please place a fluorescent baseball in a place with a light source, let the ball absorb sunlight for a few minutes, such as the sun, an electric lamp or a telephone, then place it in the dark, the fluorescent baseball will glow, it can stimulate children's curiosity, deeply loved by children.

2.Washable, sticky pressure balls on the ceiling are easy to clean.After we play, when there is dirt on the surface, or when you feel that the viscosity of the ball has decreased, then you can clean it, rinse it with water, after washing it will automatically return to the viscosity, like new bright.

3.It is made of safe materials. The sticky wall ball is made of food grade TPR material and 100% high quality thermoplastic rubber material. It does not contain bisphenol A and is non-toxic. Can easily stick to the ceiling, wall, desktop and other plane.There is no harm to physical health, can be bought as a toy for children, very suitable for parent-child interaction.

4.Relieve stress. A stress ball is an ideal tool for stressed families and depressed teens.To help you get rid of the troubles of life, whether you are a child or an adult, the ball is designed for people who enjoy baseball or throwing.

5.Good toughness, extrusion ball has good toughness, elasticity, high tear resistance and durability, can be repeatedly used for a long time, can exercise children's grasp ability, reduce the pressure of adults.

6.Multi-purpose, anxiety-relieving toys have a soft feel and are fun to play with, such as continuing to squeeze or throw to the ceiling.It can relieve the pressure of life, work or study.These squeeze toys are also good for children with depression, anxiety or hyperactivity disorder.It is an ideal choice for many stressed people.So the pressure ball is very suitable for family members, office workers or students.

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