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What Is A Lavalier Mic? And Do i need one Lavalier Mic?

What Is A Lavalier Mic? And Do i need one Lavalier Mic?

Oct 26, 2020

A lavalier microphone is a small concealable microphone option which is most often used for public address, during television appearances and theater performances. They provide the perfect hands-free solution allowing the user to wear the microphone directly either clipped directly to the wearers clothing or sometimes to their faces or heads (theatrical mainly).They actually masquerade under a number of different names such as a lapel mic, clip or body mic, collar mic, neck mic, and sometimes just a personal mic.

Some of you will be most familiar with their concept from a fictional crime series where a confidential informant is dressed with a concealed microphone or ‘wire’.A lavalier microphone traditionally speaking, is a wearable vocal microphone solution which is far more convenient than many alternatives.

Lavalier microphone

In television studio situations, it is almost impossible to get a clear recording or live broadcast, of say a chat show host having a discussion with their guests without a large ‘boom’ microphone hanging directly over the head to catch what is being said. A large boom microphone requires somebody to operate it and can often make camera angles and shots more difficult to plan and somewhat limited.

Having someone stand in front of the speakers is also out of the question if there is a live audience watching as they are unable to see the speakers addressing them. If you have ever watched a TED talk or been to see a musical you will likely have witnessed a lavalier mic in use, though perhaps you did not know it at the time.

A lavalier microphone signal is transmitted via a personal radio frequency transmitter which the sound team can then pick up from further afield on a receiver remotely, with a dedicated channel for each mic (if there is more than one I use).

The wires between the microphone and its transmitter can be concealed with clothing so long as the mic itself is free from obstruction. Most often the transmitters are compact, and reasonably lightweight and are often clipped to belts, waistbands or placed in the small of your back.

Where the microphone is mounted can have a dramatic effect on the audio signals picked up and deciphered electronically, so some thought about the grilles themselves needs to be considered. Chest mounting can be slightly less clear than mounting in the hairline.

These days there are many clip-on lavalier solutions which can be directly plugged into the majority of devices via a simple 3.5mm jack connection (though you may need a lightning adapter for certain products). They cut out the need for wireless transmission which isn’t required so much in a semi-professional or home recording situation.

Lavalier Microphone Clip Mic

Do I Need A Lavalier Mic?

These days a large majority of us post videos on streaming sites and social media and a lavalier mic is a compact low cost easy to use solution. If you record often directly from a mobile device of any sort and have found your sound a little lackluster, then a lavalier mic is a great way to give your devices mic technology a little upgrade.

Typically your mobile phones integrated microphones will be unidirectional as they are listening for voice-directed straight at it this can mean from a further distance the sound can become muffled as the immediate environment surrounding the mic will be picked up far easier than your voice. This can make narration and dictation tough.

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