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What are the difference between 2G,3G,4G, LTE and 5G SIM CARDS?

What are the difference between 2G,3G,4G, LTE and 5G SIM CARDS?

Nov 10, 2020

As we all know, the 2/3/4G/LTE SIM cards are wildly used in our life,even 5G is coming to some morden city’s people.Today we are about to tell the difference between 2G,3G,4G and LTE SIM CARDS?

2G: The second-generation mobile phone communication technical specifications, with digital voice transmission technology as the core. Generally defined as the inability to directly transmit information such as e-mail, software, etc.; it only has phone communication technical specifications such as time and date transmission.

3G: The third-generation mobile communication technology refers to cellular mobile communication technology that supports high-speed data transmission. 3G services can transmit voice and data information at the same time, and the rate is generally above several hundred kbps. There are currently three standards for 3G: CDMA2000, WCDMA, and TD-SCDMA.

4G LTE sim card

4G: The fourth-generation mobile communication technology, which includes TD-LTE and FDD-LTE. 4G integrates 3G and WLAN, and can quickly transmit data, high quality, audio, video, and images. 4G can download at a speed of more than 100Mbps, 25 times faster than the current home broadband ADSL (4M), and can meet almost all users' requirements for wireless services.

LTE (Long Term Evolution): It is the long-term evolution of the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) technical standard formulated by the 3GPP (The 3rd Generation Partnership Project) organization, in 2004 The project was formally established and launched at the 3GPP Toronto meeting in December.


5G: A 5G SIM is a tamper-proof secure element which is the only solution allowed to secure 5G network access. It has been specified by the 5G standardization body ETSI-3GPP in Releases 15 & 16 UICC specifications (UICC: Universal Integrated Circuit Card, better known as a SIM).

All in all, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G are a standard for distinguishing SIM cards. SIM card is the abbreviation of (Subscriber Identity Module), also known as user identification card, smart card, GSM digital mobile phone must be installed with this card before it can be used. The computer chip stores the information of the digital mobile phone customer, the encrypted key and the user's phone book, etc., which can be used to authenticate the GSM network customer's identity and encrypt the voice information of the customer during the call.

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