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  • How does client comment on GIALER Wireless Microphone?
    How does client comment on GIALER Wireless Microphone? Oct 10,2020
    The following passage is a short comment from one of our client in Russa.welcome to check for such interesting and useful product: GIALER Wireless Microphone. Due to work,I need to take some vlog videos and upload them online,but as long as the mobile phone’s built-in microphone is slightly opened, the radio effect is really unacceptable. Therefore I searched the Internet for wireless mi...
  • What is SmartMic?
    What is SmartMic? May 27,2021
    Recently, some friends asking "What is SmartMic?" Well,you will learn it from this passage. A Smartmic is also called Bluetooth Lavalier Wireless Microphone, it is for Web celebrity video Mic for Vlog Youtuber Recording,wireless smart micphone,it can support wireless clip. The main specifics includes: Wireless Channel:  2 Operating Range: 100+feet Working Time: Approx. 6h Charge time: Approx....
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