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Iphone 12 has No charger, what shall we do when its power is dead?

Iphone 12 has No charger, what shall we do when its power is dead?

Oct 20, 2020

Recently, the iPhone 12 series,the world's smallest, thinnest, and lightest 5G mobile phone is coming.

A significant change of iPhone 12 is the support of MagSafe magnetic wireless charging technology. The device is accurately positioned and paired with the wireless charger through the attraction of magnets to improve charging efficiency.

However, as everyone knows, there no longer comes with a random charger and wired earphone.


GaN mini fast charging charger C+C+A 65W, three-port fast charging can meet the charging of three mobile electric devices at the same time, using c1 alone can meet 65w high-efficiency charging to power laptops, c1+c2 or c1+A, It can quickly charge two devices at the same time. No matter how many mobile devices are on a business trip, charging, as long as there is one is enough.


 Gallium Nitrate Charger


Compared with other chargers, what are its advantages?

1.Fast charging (high efficiency)

In the case of GaN, its band gap is much higher than that of silicon, which means it can conduct higher voltages over time. The larger band gap also means that current can flow through GaN chips faster than silicon, allowing faster processing and faster charging.

2.Fast heat dissipation (more reliable)

In addition to faster charging efficiency, the heat dissipation performance of the GaN charger is also excellent. Compared with the previous two generations of semiconductors, GaN has a large band gap, a higher thermal conductivity, a higher energy density, a higher reliability, and the ability to minimize the possibility of overcharging.

3.Small size (lighter)

The excellent performance of gallium nitride material itself makes the gallium nitride made out of the chip area smaller than traditional silicon-based IGBT/MOSFET. At the same time, because it is more resistant to high voltage and high current, the power density of gallium nitride chip is greater, so the power density /The area far exceeds that of silicon. In addition, since the use of GaN chips also reduces the use of other peripheral components, passive components such as capacitors, inductors, and coils are much less than the silicon-based solution, and the volume is further reduced.

GaN mini fast charger

Will such a high-wattage fast charger hurt the battery? Will it cause damage to the battery life of the mobile phone? This is also a problem that many users are concerned about at the moment. Users do not need to worry about this type of problem. GaN Mini Fast Charger C+C+A 65W products, whether it is circuit design, or cell and interface design, have special customized solutions. Both the charging speed, the compatibility during the charging process and the stable output level have excellent performance. It can achieve 65w charging without safety risks. In addition to the core technology, it is also related to the key material is GaN. This new type of semiconductor material has advantages that other materials can't compare, whether it is thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance or acid and alkali resistance. In addition, the strength and hardness are far superior to other materials of the same type. Such performance brings safety to its products during use.

 GaN chargers

The use of new materials not only improves safety but also improves charging speed, which is more than 5 times faster than traditional materials. The compatibility level also has better coverage. The GaN mini fast charge charger C+C+A 65W product supports PD, QC, FCP, SCP, AFC, PE+, etc., which means that regardless of whether the user uses an Apple mobile phone, or a brand mobile phone such as Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., this fast High-efficiency charging. Same as the early chargers with too low wattage, the GaN mini fast charge charger C+C+A 65W product is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, computers, game consoles, small fans, humidifiers, Bluetooth headsets and other types of equipment charging requirements ,.

fast charger

The GaN mini fast charge charger C+C+A 65W product is not only fast in charging efficiency, but because of its intelligent regulation function, it can choose the appropriate charging mode according to the real-time condition of the battery to ensure that the battery is healthy for long-term charging and the battery power is less than 20%. When the battery is extremely short, this fast charge is automatically adjusted to the PD fast charge mode, which is efficient and fast charging to meet the daily needs of users. When the power reaches 80%, it will automatically switch to trickle charging to protect the health of the battery.

GaN chargers are the key to breakthroughs in super fast charging technology, and explosive growth is expected to begin in the second half of the year. GaN chargers will become the general trend. Are you ready to buy one?

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