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How to use our bluetooth smart micrphone?

How to use our bluetooth smart micrphone?

Dec 07, 2020

This passage is mainly to have detail instruction of using our Gialer smart micrphone.

wireless microphone

1. Power On/Off.

(1),Power On: Press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds, the light will turn on.

(2),Power Off:Press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds, the light will turn off.

2.Bluetooth Pairing

Open the Bluetooth on your smart phone, search for ‘SmartMic’ and pair it up.

If you do not pair for more than 5 minutes , it will automatically turn off.

3.Detail operation steps:


Scan the QR Code to download the SMike+ APP for iOS/Android system.

wireless iphone microphone


Power On:Press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds to power on.

bluetooth microphones


Find the Setting page of your phone, ensure the Bluetooth is switched on, search the ‘SmartMic’

and click to connect.

amazon wireless microphone


Open the SMike+ APP

You may download the APP as following QR codes as different source:

best bluetooth microphone

4.Power Supply

(1),The amount of power is displayed on the top of smartphone after SmartMic connected.

(2),The indicator light on the SmartMic will turn red when the amount of power low.

(3),Full charge time:About 1.5 hours. The indicator light turn red when charging and turn green when charge complete.

(4),SmartMic can use for 6 hours Per charge,and please full charge when you use it for fifirst time.

(5),Fast Charging does NOT support.

5. Specifification

Microphone Name: SmartMic

Frequency Response: 100Hz~20KHz

Recording Format: 48khz-16bit AAC

Wireless Channel: 2

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 4.0

Audio Interface: 3.5mm Jack (TRS + TRRS Modes)

Charging Interface: Type C

Full Charge Time: about 1.5h

Working Time: About 6h per charge

Net weight:14g

Power amount:130mAh

Effffective distance:50ft



(1),Do not disassemble,repair or Modify the product yourself.

(2),Do not place the SmartMic in a high Temperature environment.

(3),The Battery can not be replaced.

(4),Do not put the SmartMic in water.

(5),SmartMic NOT support original Camera of smartphone, it works only with SmartMike+ App and some App that support Bluetooth protocol.

(6),SmartMic NOT support Tablet, Computer or Camera.

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