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How to describe a PVC card?

How to describe a PVC card?

Aug 27, 2020
* PVC card is a card made of PVC material,with printed, laminated, and punched.
The ordinary PVC card means that there are no variable numbers such as photos and names printed on the PVC card.
According to data, there is no chip, and a PVC card with a chip is called a smart card.
* Portrait cards, smart cards, non-standard cards, special-shaped cards, etc. are essentially PVC cards, but the different printing method and craftsmanship makes their difference.
* When the portrait card is printed on a PVC card, the photo, name, student number, department, etc. on the card surface are different for each after the information.
* PVC card size: 85.5*54*0.76MM, 0.76 is the thickness, or 0.68, 0.84 as client request.
* Material: PVC/PET/ABS

PVC card classification and application:
* According to different processes, it can be divided into: portrait card, smart card, non-standard card, special-shaped card, matte card, transparent card, magnetic card, barcode card, etc.

magnetic cards

* According to the different purposes of each industry, there are: ordinary PVC cards are mostly used for membership cards, VIP cards, stored-value cards, consumer cards, shopping cards, voucher cards, etc., various industries call these cards different, but in the final analysis the bottom line is that the printed content and layout are different, and the applications of the respective cards in their respective industries are different.

* Portrait cards are mostly used for work cards, student cards, test admission cards, library cards, etc.

Student ID card

* Smart cards have a wider range of uses, and can be used in parking cards, bus cards, and banks in conjunction with management systems in various industries.

Card, gas card, golden card, magnetic card,attendance card, access card, etc., and the smart card can print photos, variable data and other information systems adults are like smart cards.

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