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How does client comment on GIALER Wireless Microphone?

How does client comment on GIALER Wireless Microphone?

Oct 10, 2020

The following passage is a short comment from one of our client in Russa.welcome to check for such interesting and useful product: GIALER Wireless Microphone.

Due to workI need to take some vlog videos and upload them onlinebut as long as the mobile phone’s built-in microphone is slightly opened, the radio effect is really unacceptable. Therefore I searched the Internet for wireless microphone, I saw this product like a small sound tube, known as a wireless intelligent noise reduction microphone. It's been about a week since I used it to take a few small daily videos.

Let’s talk about this interesting lavalier microphone wireless gialer.

lavalier microphone wireless

Product packaging is relatively simple,it is a Khaki color with “SmartMic Unlimited Audio”Marking.  Open the package, it has a black gift box (portable storage box) with perfect quality: waterproof,dustproof, and we can see it has the related accessories as follows: One SmartMic, One USB cable, One mic case and one Operation Mannuel. Note: the perfect design of foam inside the box is perfectly suit for the smartmic’s placing and well protected.

Smartmic Bluetooth Lavalier Wireless Microphone

The product provides one-year warranty,which is quite trustable.

The main body of the Gialer smartmic is black and gray in double color matching, and the shape is cylindrical, similar to our traditional AA(No.5) battery. From the top to bottom, we can clearly understand its mini but functional design as following picture.

The whole body has only one switch button and status indicator,Below the host is a type-c charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack,the size of the main unit is about 66mm in length and 16mm in diameter, and the body weight is 14g up and down.Light and useful. What an Amazing Product!

lavalier microphone wireless gialer

GIALER smart microphone is very mini compared to traditional microphones,Lavalier wearing can not only hide and wear, but also completely liberate your hands, popular with indoor or outdoor speaker with wireless microphone for phone videos, social media influencer or volg user mostly.Breaking the distance and cumbersomeness of wired wires.

About Product hardware specifications, GIALER adopts latest technology  and design concept. GIALER microphone frequency range is   100HZ~20KZ recording,bluetooth about 5m barrier-free recording.The host has a built-in 130 mAh lithium battery, which can support 6 hours of battery life when fully charged,super long standby time.

Bluetooth Clip-on Lapel Mic

GIALER microphone supporting mobile phone adapter App, downloading the SmartMike+ APP through the mobile phone to shoot vlog can achieve richer video functions and better recording effects.SmartMike+ app is mainly divided into two interfaces, one for pure voice recording, and the other for vlog video recording to meeting different needs.

Vlog video recording video capture interface has more functions for setting. Except that the sound part is the same as the pure sound recording, it also provides 6 sets of quite textured filters for users to choose from, including the original image.It also supports camera shooting settings, resolution, video frame rate, bit rate, beauty level, anti-shake and recording format selection,it very functional.

In the supporting SmartMic+ app, the recorded files can not only support renaming, playback, deletion, sharing, etc., but also intelligently recognize multiple languages and convert them into editable subtitle files in real time.This is very friendly to primary vlog users. In actual use, the recognition rate of Mandarin and English is very high. There is basically no need for secondary corrections when the pronunciation is accurate. This will undoubtedly directly improve the efficiency of video editing in the later stage,also save time for us.

lavalier microphone wireless

After nearly a week of use, I have taken a number of videos ,After overall use, the functions of GIALER Microphone are still quite practical,especially in the recording noise reduction and precise radio recording,the recording effect of the mobile phone's built-in microphone can be said to be a world of difference,the appearance design is also more decent and generous, wireless link and hidden lavalier design bring enough portability.After all, when wireless technology penetrates our lives, convenience and convenience are the ultimate way of life for our productivity.

There is no bells, and the pursuit of high-quality sound recording is remarkable on GIALER Microphone. If you are shooting vlog or are planning to shoot vlog, you might as well try GIALER wireless smart microphone,it will bring you unexpected experiences.

For more details of such products,you can visit as the following youtube link of such products,

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