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  • Feel after use a Firewood Carrier Bag
    Feel after use a Firewood Carrier Bag Dec 17,2020
    This blog was written by one of our buyer,he wrote it after using for 1 month and glad to provide a his Feel after use. Thanks for this writter(Alex Christopher XX on 15th. Dec.2020) This Firewood Carrier Bag review is intended to give you a full, honest description of a product that makes moving firewood faster and more importantly, easier. Cutting firewood is a lot of work and a process that inv...
  • How to choose the firewood carrier bag?
    How to choose the firewood carrier bag? Feb 24,2021
    Nowadays, there are currently two types of firewood bags on the market: non-woven firewood bags and canvas firewood bags. Both materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. Non-woven fabric is the raw material that a new generation of environmentally friendly materials. It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, non-combustible, e...
  • What’s the advantages of Gialer bag?
    What’s the advantages of Gialer bag? Mar 06,2021
    Canvas raw material is cotton. The durability and firmness are very strong. There are many firewood bag in market now. It’s top quality and cost-effective.There are original canvas tote bag and waxed canvas bag. Gialer bag is 16oz waxed canvas. The 16oz waxed firewood bag is not only waterproof, but also increases the durability of the bag. It can easily carry firewood at least...
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