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Blocking card protect yourself from data thieves

Blocking card protect yourself from data thieves

Aug 18, 2020
Nowadays in peoples lives, the rate of using chip bank cards and bus cards is very high. Basically 90% of people in cities have the experience of using IC cards. Banksmagnetic stripe cards are all being replaced with chip cards. Many banks card and some micropayment and flash payment functions of the card collection bring great convenience and speed to peoples lives. At the same time, with the rapid development of technology, mobile phones with NFC function can read bank cards at close range. Transaction information, then the cardholders personal financial information is easily exposed.

There are also RFID anti-theft wallets and RFID anti-theft card holders on the market. However, the former is not stylish and beautiful in appearance, while the latter has one card set, multiple cards and multiple sets, which will not only increase the thickness of the wallet, but also is inconvenient to use. Therefore, a shielded/blocking card same the size of a bank card came out.

The blocking smart card is a smart card specially used to shield high-frequency (13.56MHz) smart cards (such as payment cards, membership cards, etc.) wireless signals to prevent criminals from obtaining card information. Simply put: the purpose of blocking card is to prevent people from reading the information and property of the card.It is well protected of our card information.

NFC blocking card


The operation of blocking card is very simple,when the blocking card and the high-frequency card are placed together, the stored data of the blocking high-frequency card can be realized, and the data in the card can be manipulated and read without external interference.  Low-cost protection of bank card information security, effectively preventing risks such as theft and leakage of private information.



The same size as a bank card, easy to carry. It's ultra-thin,only 0.027inch/0.7mm, It easily put in your wallet.

blocking rfid card


Provide single-sided 9cm, double-sided 18cm protection, the protection distance is much more than the same products.

blocking distance

3. No need to recharge the battery


Who skim & steal your personal financial information within seconds, and steel your money within seconds. Travel safely & securely with confidence knowing you are protected with our RFID blocking card & will not be a victim.


It is widely used in radio frequency identification fields such as bank cards, identification cards, city cards, bus cards, subway cards, time attendance cards, corporate cards, membership cards, commercial retail cards, insurance medical cards, health cards, school cards, etc.

For the safety of your property, come get a blocking card ASAP and ask our sales for more details: Whatsapp: +86-18002561761

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