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 Which kind of thermometer are used for baking/cooking and what are the difference?

 Which kind of thermometer are used for baking/cooking and what are the difference?

Jan 29, 2021

 Today we will discuss the 3 main thermometers used for family or restaurent assistant.

1. Oven thermometer,simply put it directly into oven, so as not to open the oven door in the middle to measure the temperature. This kind of thermometer is especially suitable for household ovens. Generally, the temperature of household ovens is not accurate. You can roughly know the error with it and facilitate adjustment. It can be hung directly in the baking tray or just put into the oven. This kind of thermometer is mainly used for families with ovens or barbecue restaurants.


2. Infrared thermometer, this is used to test the surface temperature of the product, most used in chocolate tempering.And it is generally used for baking desserts.


3.Probe type. An obvious feature of this thermometer is it has a stylus that can be used to test the internal temperature of food or liquids. Such as roasting temperature, internal temperature of dough, boiling temperature, etc. The latter two are used more in house family cooks.  


Today we focus on introducing a popular product from Amazon in the United States at the beginning of 2021: the Gialer digital thermometer, which has been temporarily leading the explosive product on multiple e-commerce platforms. It has the following selling points and has also been positively received by more and more merchants.

1.Best 304 stainless steel probe and NTC CHIP

2. Variety Usage Scenario: Cooking thermometer:BBQ, make dessert, frying, bathing, baking ,baby nanny etc.Perfect cooking gifts.

3.Dual Magnets Builtin

4.Corkscrew Design




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