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Belgium client's 20GP container finally ship out today

Belgium client's 20GP container finally ship out today


Belgium customer Mr. Boubacar X Labo knew us through our Amazon website and was very interested in our products. On August 2nd. Mr. Boubacar contacted us and negotiated cooperation through a conference call. The foreign trade department warmly showed the company through live Skype. 

The factory and production process were also given in details and answers to all kinds of questions raised by customers. Through understanding of our company, Mr. Boubacar understood our  company's professional capabilities, production capabilities, technical levels and after-sales service. Finally they were full of praise and reached a cooperation.

Contact Smart Cards

The contract signed on the same day(Aug. 2nd), payment in 1 week, 20GP container, 5 tons of goods, 100 cartons of products.
After 1+ month production efforts, this order was finally completed, and the 20GP container was shipped out today on September 16th.

RFID Blocking Card

Contact IC Card Reader

Thanks to Mr. Boubacar 's recognition of Greeso, more people from the world can recognize us, professionalism can be the ultimate, only then can we make products that satisfy customers, and products that solve customer problems are good products and satisfy customers. Working hard for results.

Looking forward to more orders next time, and also expecting more customers from other countries to continue to recognize our company.

Note: if you have any request or inquiry on SIM Card, RFID tags,contact or contactless smart card or related products(readers, blocking cards,etc),please contact us freely via:

email:   whatsapp:+86-18002561761

Note: all the loading pictures are real and prohibit the theft of company image information.

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